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Way To Weave

Competition weaves

Competition weaves

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Safe and durable regulation weave poles

Perfect for 2x2 training. Made to last a lifetime!

Chosen by many agility clubs and organizations. Approved for official trials (AKC, USDAA) and recommended by NADAC for its stability without the need of staking. All products have 24" spacing between poles. Pearl White or Teal Green base colors

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor venues.

The only Competition weaves that do all this:

  • Durable, non-skid, 2x2 base units with rounded edges, clean lines, hardware flush with surface
  • Low-profile side support legs with rounded edges
  • 2-pole units with completely hidden connector-weights to make a full set of 12; perfect for 2x2 training in addition to regulation sets
  • Available in ultra-portable, medium weight and rock-solid sets, simply by choosing  8", 16" or 20" connector-weights
  • Non-welded pole supports for robust reliability, less expensive shipping, and, if needed, a quick-and-easy replacement. Flex washer holds tight, withstands loosening from pole vibration
  • Base ends are safely truncated, capped and rounded (no 'tail' before pole #1 or after pole #12)
  • Stake holes are counterbored, meaning the top of the stake is the same height as the top of the leg. Perfect fit for SPAX Powerlag screws.
  • Flexible plastic caps for stake holes when stakes are not in use
  • Non-skid powdercoated steel bases, powdercoated connector-weights, stainless steel screws


Testimonial from Dog Gone Fun Agility:

"We use your Competition sets in over 70 events each year...

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and we just wanted to say how much we love your weave poles! We have been in business for almost a quarter of a century, and we've tried many different weave pole sets. Yours are head and shoulders above all the rest. The design, workmanship and safety features are just what we need in our training and event center. And they get a ton of use! We have approximately 350 student spots filled every week, with the majority being agility. Our training facilities are in use 7 days a week. We also host 47 AKC 3-day agility trials every year, and 26 other agility events, including USDAA and UKI regional championships. Weave poles are important pieces of equipment in our bustling business, and they need to be safe for dogs, easy to use, and reliable. Yours are the best! Thanks for making such a quality product!"

--- Dan and Monica Lindquist, Dog Gone Fun Agility, LLC, Magnolia, TX



Each set includes:

12-pole set 6-pole set
2-pole base end units 2 2
2-pole base mid units 4 1
Pole support post, screw and lock washer
12 6
Connector-weights 5 2
Screws Y Y
Choice of base colors with matching screw heads Y Y


NEW: Options for legs without stake holes. More info

NOTE! PVC poles sold separately: blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow. Pairing or custom 'rainbow'.

See Competition parts for parts & tools available for Competition sets. 

Weave Poles - Training Methods and Equipment article [PDF]

Video of strong weaver, Rick Fyfe's Mac. Notice how hard Mac hits the poles. The poles in front of him barely move, and the whole set stays in place. This set is not attached to the matting in any way. Base units are joined with 16" connector-weights.

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