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Way To Weave



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For connecting weave pole base units and adding weight. For both Channel and Competition sets. Connector-weights fit beneath our bases so they don't interfere in any way with the dog's path. The stainless steel screws that connect them to the base are countersunk, with a flat head, so the running surface is perfectly flat.

Each connector is 3/8" thick and 1-1/2" wide; we offer 3 different lengths (see below). All sizes are powdercoated steel. 

Our 3 lengths of connector-weights add from 6.25 pounds to 15 pounds to the weight of the set. Some users prefer lighter sets for easier portability, and some prefer heavier sets for greater stability. You can order all 5 of the same length or ask us to mix lengths to achieve a custom weighting.

Weighting the bases is a safety consideration if you have strong/large dogs who can move a set of weaves that isn't staked down. Long (16") or Extra Long (20") connector-weights are recommended for trials. Most clubs prefer 16" connector-weights for regulation use. 16" connectors are a good balance between portability and stability.

 Type Length Weight (each) Weight (set of 5)
Short 8" 1.25 lbs 6.25 lbs
Long 16" 2.5 lbs 12.5 lbs
Extra Long 20" 3.0 lbs 15.0 lbs


Here's how smooth the running surface is when a connector is connected beneath it:

 Screws (for both Channel and Competition sets)

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