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Way To Weave

Colored weave pole, matching cap (1)

Colored weave pole, matching cap (1)

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Single solid color PVC pole with matching cap

Choose from 6 different beautiful colors!

If you need to buy a full set of 12 (or 6) poles, shop here.

Made in the USA from the highest quality (furniture grade) shatter-resistant, UV-stabilized, 3/4" PVC. 

Our poles meet or exceed regulation equipment specs for all major agility organizations. Most now require alternating colors, instead of tape, which can be dangerous for your dog's eyes.

"Will these poles fit my base?" They fit our products perfectly. And they fit the vast majority of bases manufactured by other USA companies. If your base uses 'cups' that the 3/4" pole bottoms fit inside, you're definitely all set.

If your base has support posts that go inside the poles (like our sets do), you may need to test the diameter of your posts. To test your posts, use a piece of Schedule 40, 3/4" plumbing grade PVC pipe (available at any building supply store) and if it fits your base, our poles should also fit!

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