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Way To Weave

Channel weaves, 6-pole set

Channel weaves, 6-pole set

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Channel weave pole sets, expertly made for EASY and SAFE training!

Use them for Channel or 2x2 training ... and as regulation equipment! Made to last a lifetime!

The only Channel weaves that do all this:

  • Independent pole positions: put each pole exactly where you want it
  • Channels from 24" wide to in-line, easy twist lock
  • Durable, non-skid, flat base with rounded edges, clean lines, hardware flush with surface
  • Easy to nudge each pole in and out -OR- lock at any width, including in-line, no presets
  • Single straight base, with legs always on the correct sides (#1 on the left, #2 on the right, etc.)
  • 2-pole units with completely hidden connectors to make a set of 6; perfect for 2x2 training in addition to Channel training and regulation sets
  • Ultra-portable, medium weight, and rock-solid sets are easy to choose: 8", 16" or 20" connector-weights (3/8" thick steel)
  • Stake holes are counterbored, meaning the top of the stake head is the same height as the top of the leg. Perfect fit for Spax Powerlag screws.
  • Non-skid powdercoated bases, powdercoated connector-weights, aluminum legs, stainless steel screws
  • Sturdy and safe for your dogs
  • Preferred by trainers worldwide (50 states, 5 continents)
  • Made in the USA (East TN)

 NEW OPTION: Discount for legs without stake holes. Good for sets that will only be used without staking (indoor venues or NADAC).

Each 6-pole set includes:

  • Three 2-pole bases
  • Six side support legs
  • Six Channel sliders
  • Two connector-weights
  • Screws and hex tool
  • Choice of base colors with matching screw heads

 Use from the first day of training all the way to regulation weaves!  

"I am loving your Channel weave poles! They have been a wonderful addition to our training regimen and they are so easy to transport. I throw them in my van and off we go to seminars, fun days … anywhere! I use them outside three seasons a year and they are not showing any rust or wear. Any poles I put on them fit perfectly! I plan on using this set for years to come. Thank you, Ace, for all your help!"

---Erin Schaefer, FCI World Team Individual Gold Medalist 2002, AKC judge, UKI judge


"Thank you for the weaves!!!"

---Silvia Trkman, 3x World Champion, 5x European Open Winner, 22x National Champion, 19x World Team Member

PVC poles sold separately: blue, green orange, purple, red, yellow. Pairing or custom 'rainbow'.

  • All our weave pole products have 24" spacing between poles.
  • Approved by AKC reps for use in official trials (but see our COMPETITION Weaves for the best regulation equipment).
  • Works well on any surface, indoors or out!

US Patents 7,819,085; 8,181,605; 8,347,822; 8,875,661

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Channel Specs (PDF)

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